What to Do If Your Windscreen Develops a Stress Crack

Life can be very stressful if you have so much to do in a given day, but something unexpected gets in your way. When this happens, your schedule may fall flat while your blood pressure levels may go in the other direction entirely. However, if you think that you are stressed, spare a thought for your windscreen. This piece of reinforced glass has to put up with extremes of nature, differences in pressure and even poor maintenance, all while retaining its composure.

6 Tips to Improve the Visibility of Your Vehicle's Windscreen

When you're driving down the road, you want the cleanest, clearest view of the road possible. Tired of not being able to see clearly? Want to proactively ensure that you can always see perfectly? Then check out these tips. 1. Make Sure Your Windscreen Is Not Tinted It's illegal to have your front windscreen tinted, but some people do it anyway. If you have purchased a used vehicle, make sure that the front windscreen is not tinted.